Blood Donation

India has a shortage of 2 Million Blood Units

The Most Significant Gift:

Blood is the most significant gift of life that a person can give to others. Donated blood is always life saving for people who have lost a significant amount of blood due to various reasons like serious injuries, surgical procedures, medical conditions etc. Therefore, all time availability of blood in blood banks has become a prime concern for the society.

The need for blood:

As blood can be stored for shorter period of duration, there is a constant need of blood donation to have an adequate and safe supply of all blood groups in time of need. Each donor contributes significantly to meet the challenge of accessibility and affordability to patients by making it available whenever and wherever wanted.

Not only it helps saving lives, but also plays a vital role in improving health of a donor.

Blood should be accepted only from voluntary, non-remunerated, low risk, safe and healthy donors. Replacement of donors should be phased out.

our main goals

To contribute towards the problem of shortage of blood in India by raising awareness and improving donor experience and thereby, become a 360-degree solution provider.

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Camps Organized in Tamil Nadu

    Recent Blood donation camp on 9th Dec'22, at North Chennai

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