Financial Help For Poor Families​

Financial Help For Poor Families

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Every year, millions of Children around the world transition out of poverty. Regional growth and economic opportunities like new jobs, technologies, and business opportunities help some communities in India build more stable economic lives. At the same time, millions of children remain trapped in a cycle of poverty that is difficult to escape. We believe that financial exclusion is a significant driver of this cycle.

About 1.7 billion people worldwide are excluded from formal financial services such as savings, payments, insurance, and credit. In developing economies, only 63 percent of adults have an account, and women—nearly 1 billion of them—are disproportionately excluded from beneficial financial systems.

our Achievements:

Fighting for ZERO HUNGER

RCF ensures no children dies of starvation and We are there to fight against the malnutrition in most affected community.

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Food Scarcity & Challenges

India is home to 25% of the World Hungry population, An estimated 43% of children under the age of 5 years are malnourished.

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RCF nutritional center is successfully running at Puliyanthoppu in Chennai benefitting more than 200 children from the poor community.

Nutrition for poor children

RCF is focusing on the Child health and well being in order to overcome the infant and Child Mortality by addressing malnutrition, ensuring good health, and working with adolescent and women child group in our project area.