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Promoting Inclusive Quality Education

India has a high percentage of children who have low learning level of outcomes. Only 1/4th third-grade students can read and understand short stories of simple sentences.

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RCF hold a high priority for quality education which aims to empowering all children to become informed, competent, compassionate, and a good global citizen through our various projects.

Skill Development Programme

We have provided skill development training in the area of nursing, beautician course, and fashion designing (tailoring) across to Tamil Nadu.

School Outreach Programmes

A good laboratory & library for students and teachers will be provided. RCF teams regularly visit schools across the state to advocate about cancer prevention and to make them aware of the direct link between the use of tobacco products and cancer.

Send Child School For Education

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These are just some statistics which show that a lot needs to be done to ensure that Every Last Child in India gets quality education. This is because even today, millions of children in India are being denied a chance at an enabling education and therefore a happy childhood. This happens mainly because of who they are and where they are born. Save the Children works to bring this injustice to an end.

The amount donated by you translates into getting one more child into the world of education. Your support equips RCF to roll out on-ground projects that not only get more children enrolled into schools, but also ensure they remain there and get holistic and quality education.

Our Initiatives:

Setting up learning centers where working, street and slum children get education assistance and those who have got no exposure to education are initiated to it.

Mapping out-of- school children and conducting enrolment drives with a special focus on girl children.

Deploying resources at Government schools and Aanganwadi Centers in different parts of India in the form of teachers, teacher training courses, Teaching-Learning Materials (TLMs), libraries, computer labs, etc.

Working with and involving community members to get their children into schools, whether it is villages or slum areas or other identified areas in various locations in different parts of India.